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Revision Days

Throughout December and January I will be running a series of revision courses aimed at candidates sitting As Biology papers in the new year. Teaching will take place in a well equipped meeting room in Newcastle city centre and each 3 hour course will cover material in an intensive but informal manner. In addition to subject content I will provide help with exam technique and enable you to build up a glossary of key terms for use in answers. I intend to run the majority of the courses at weekends but evening sessions will also be available. The four different courses are listed below together with a brief description of their content;

1 Biological molecules

Comprehensive detail on structure and bonding in carbohydrates, proteins and triglycerides. Function of starch, glycogen and cellulose. Globular vs fibrous proteins, saturated and non-saturated fatty acids. Food tests.

2 Cells and enzymes

Cell structure and functions of organelles. Prokaryotic vs eukaryotic cells. Microscopy and magnification calculation. Phospholipids, movement in and out of cells. Enzyme overview, effects of pH, temperature and inhibitors.

3 Transport in plants and animals

Heart structure and cardiac cycle, comparison of blood vessels, tissue fluid. Lung structure and gas exchange accross alveoli. Haemoglobin dissociation curves. Transpiration and movement of water through plant roots.

4 Immunity and disease

Symptoms and risk factors associated with heart disease and lung disease, interpretation of data. Phagocytosis, antigens and antibodies, role of B-cells and T-cells. Vaccination, memory cells and immunity. Uses of monoclonal antibodies.

The cost per 3 hour course is £50, or you can book 2 courses for £90. Book all 4 for £180. If you would like to reserve a please please email me at

timquinn@tqtutoring.co.ukand include your exam board, the course(s) you would like to book and a rough indication of convenient dates (I will try to be as flexible as possible). If you would like any more information or you would like me to add any material please do not hesitate to get in touch. Places are limited to keep group sizes small.
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