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A Level Biology

I specialise in providing help to A-level Biology students, I have extensive knowledge of the As and A2 syllabus and I am familiar with the major exam boards; AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL.

There is a huge gap between GCSE and A-level and students are often caught out - giving GCSE standard answers to A-level questions and performing badly in their As exams.  There is then a knock-on effect as candidates resit As papers during A2 - increasing their workload, adding to stress and making it harder to realise their potential.  I will work with you at your own pace, strengthening understanding and coaching you using exam questions appropriate to your course.

If you are resitting DON'T PANIC!!  help from a tutor will enable you to manage your workload, cover old topics in more detail whilst keeping on top of new material.

There are a surprising number of marks available simply for recall of information on any A-level paper - unfortunately, the terminology required to gain credit is very specific.  Many candidates come out of exams thinking they have done well only to be let down by poor exam technique; not using the correct scientific language, waffling or failure to read the question correctly!  Often students concentrate on learning facts, devoting nowhere near enough time to practicing questions.  Coaching can make a dramatic difference.

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